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My informative newsletter includes workshops and classes offered for the month. You'll also get descriptions of different crystals, essential oils, new energies and transformational thoughts!


Gayle is an open channel for Divine Energy, integrating the power of Universal Love, Compassion and Understanding into all of her workshops and healing sessions. This enables her clients and apprentices to realize true and lifelong transformations, to walk in “Heaven on Earth” and to enjoy living in our natural state of Happiness. As founder of the Lightworker of Vibrational Energy (L.O.V.E.) Institute, Gayle hosts a variety of workshops.

All workshops are held at the following address, except where noted in the workshop details.

36 Cheshire Rd. Wallingford, CT 06492-3024

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Lightworker of Vibrational Energy (L.O.V.E.) Institute

“Gayle is a very gifted and talented healer on many different levels.”

Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of The Four Agreements, stated after Gayle worked on his physical body per his request.

Full Moon Meditations


Aug 7 2017

Join us for the combined energies of the full moon and Ascended Masters for a very powerful meditation. Divine beings will be guiding and supporting you on your quest to discovering your true authentic self. Space is limited, so please sign up in advance.

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Cost: $20

No experience is necessary for this transcendent experience.

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The 1st Four/Five Agreements


September 15 – 17, 2017

Come and Discover the underlying wisdom of The Four/Five Agreements, and why they have the power to rapidly transform your life to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. This weekend will deepen your understanding and practice of The Four/Five Agreements and guide you toward the life you really want to live.

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Unlock the power of these deceptively simple agreements. It’s time to allow yourself to live a better life and dream of living Heaven on Earth!

Date / Time: Sept. 15 @ 5PM – Sept. 17 @ 1PM

Cost: $495

A non-refundable deposit of $200 due by August 1, 2017 will guarantee you a spot for the Four Agreement Weekend Intensive Workshop. Final balance due on Sept 5, 2017

Included: All teachings, 2 nights lodging and 6 meals At The Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center, Litchfield, Connecticut. (see:


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Crystal Toning


Mar 7 & May 4 2017

Much has been written about the healing power of crystals, which, like sound, have particular vibrations that affect us on many levels. Experience a unique method of healing by combining the energies of crystals with toning, creating an individualized healing experience in a group setting.

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Cost: $20

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

The body and soul are made up of frequencies that form a harmonic whole when a person is in balance. When the frequencies fall out-of-tune due to stress and tension, this tends to result in disease. Vibrational Medicine (also known as Vibrational Healing) is the art and science of consciously bringing those vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment through the use of vibratory tools, including light, color, sound, crystals and aromatherapy. Once harmony is restored, the disease tends to lose its grip and often falls away.

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Past-Life Regression


Feb 22, Mar 9, Apr 25 & May 9 2017

Are you having difficulty breaking through your fears? Do you find yourself repeating unproductive behavior patterns? Are you constantly sabotaging yourself? Past life regression therapy is an effective way to discover the reasons for current fears, recurring dreams and personality tendencies.

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Cost: $20

Through exploration of your past lives, you can learn some of the reasons why you repeat patterns in relationships, why you were born into your particular family or why you continue to enact certain unproductive behaviors. Once you understand the source of your patterns, fears and unwanted behaviors you are free to learn from them and finally let them go forever.

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Spring Equinox Celebration

Mar 20, 2017

Tap into Spring’s new energies – it is the time in which Nature’s energies facilitate the process of purifying one’s life and for the planting of new seeds and endeavors. The Spring season is a time to develop new values and to make new decisions and goals.

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Cost: $20

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

We will be opening the inner temples of awareness, purifying the basic life force of the sacral center, aligning with the angelic realms more easily, turning our attention from the outer to the inner worlds and developing harmony between the laws of love and karma.

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Developing Your Intuition


April 19, 26 & May 3, 17, 24 2017

Tap into your innate ability of “knowing.” Learn how to “tune in” to your inner voice. Through the use of meditation, sharing and experiential exercises you will begin to master the technique of accessing your creativity and intuition at will.

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Cost: $97 for 5 session series

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

There is a series of available optional support classes that will be discussed at this workshop.

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Reiki Classes


Reiki I – Apr 22 | Reiki II – June 3 | Reiki III – Mar 4

Reiki is the science and art of activating, directing and applying natural, universal life energy to promote energy balancing and healing. Reiki healing is used for relaxation, stress relief, and to “recharge your batteries”.

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Cost: $125 – $250

Reiki also aids in the preparation for and recovery from surgery. Reiki belongs to what is called energy medicine because it works with subtle energies of the body. When these energies are imbalanced or depleted, illness can occur. Energy medicine is gaining popularity and credibility in hospitals and other health care institutions. Presently, they are incorporating Reiki into the total care of their patients.

Reiki I Sept 24, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
In Reiki I, you are given attunements that connect you to the Chi, or universal healing energy.
Download the flyer.

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Reki II Oct 22, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm
In second degree Reiki, you will receive attunements that greatly increase the amount of healing energy you can channel.
Download the flyer.

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Reki III Date TBD

Reiki III is the most exciting part of this very amazing healing system.

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Grounding and Centering


May 6, 2017

The more connected and grounded we are to Earth the easier it is for us to access other dimensions and the more our body is shielded from any electromagnetic interference which enables us deal with life in a secure, rational, and loving manner.

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Cost: $75

9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Come and join with other like-minded individuals as we allow ourselves to explore and reconnect in new ways to our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Space is limited for this workshop and pre-registration is required. This workshop is experiential in nature and will present many tools and techniques for grounding yourself to our Earth.

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Abundance / Manifestation


March 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27 2017

Free yourself up to let your wishes come true! Learn how to focus your intent and energy in order to create and manifest abundance in all its forms. Discover the keys that will open your gates so that you can allow and accept that which is rightfully yours.

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Cost: $97 for 5 session series

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Price includes the companion book, Miracles by Stewart Wilde. Payment plans are available.

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Summer Solstice Celebration

June 21, 2017

Join us for this powerful meditation into the sacred Galactic Center. During the shortest days of the year, when the Sun stands still for a moment, we can experience a most powerful evening and event! Space is limited.

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Cost: $20

This is a time of transition from one World Age into another – the start of a new age of spiritual enlightenment. The veils to be lifted at this time truly align themselves with the cosmic plan. This is a time to cleanse the Heart and the astral so that the profound feminine mysteries can unfold within our lives – the birthing capabilities within each one of us.

We will meditate on the entrance to the Sacred Galactic Center, and heal together for the change from dark to the light. All participants will be an integral part of the ceremony.

Please bring an item from your altar or an object from nature to be empowered in our Circle for you to bring home with renewed energy.

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Healing Workshops


May 20, 2017

This Healing workshop is specifically for the learning of what is called “Chelation”. Chelation is a fundamental “hands-on” energy technique that can be used at the beginning of any healing session. Reiki I and II required or other healing modality certification.

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Cost: $175

This simple process does three main things: charges, clears, and balances the human energy field or aura.

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Guides and Angels


May 16, 23, 30 & June 6, 20 2017

Learn how to listen and communicate with your “helpers” who are always there to guide and protect you. Discover how to easily and safely make your own connection, tune into their vibrations and recognize them in the future.

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Cost: $75 for 1 session, date TBD.

Cost: $97 for 5 session series, date TBD.

There are legions of angels and guides ready and willing to help us along the road in life. We will also be learning to recognize crystals and their vibrations and voices that pair up with specific Angels and Archangels.

One Session

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Powerful Ascended Masters Meditation


2017 TBD

Join us for a series of deeper learning sessions surrounding the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universe, better known as our Ascended Masters.

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Cost: $97 creative financing available

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Each week we will learn specifically about one or more of these loving and powerful ascended beings and the multi-dimensional assistance and lessons they offer us just because they love us. Connect in a group setting with other like-minded friends as we are downloaded with loving channeled messages from Ascended Masters and other white light beings.

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Circle of Love

circle of love

2017 TBD

Meet together with ‘like minded’ spiritual people to enhance your spiritual empowerment through meditation and other tools and techniques. We will delve deep within ourselves to bring forth and enhance our ability to tap into our divine energy.

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Cost: $15

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Join the unconditional loving energy of this open and evolving group lead by spirit.

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Mindful Meditation Practices Series


2017 TBD

Remove stress and replace it with inner peace. Meditation is one of the best tools that we can use to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological stress and promote the inner peace of the present moment.

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Cost: $97 for the series creative financing available

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Come and learn many kinds of mindful meditation techniques with like-minded individuals. A meditative practice has been proven to lower blood pressure.

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